Buy It Again recommendations feature on the personalized recommendations page of the website

How can we know when the customer will likely to do purchase the same product again in near future?

Repeat purchase the same product multiple times is a common phenomenon in e-commerce. The buy again recommendation exists to facilitate users who want to repurchase the same item. Crucial to the success of this recommendation strategy is to predict if a customer is likely to repeat purchase a product, and if so, when is the right time to recommend it to them.


The core of this idea is given that a customer has purchased a specific set of products,

EDA simpel menggunakan R untuk data IMDb. Enjoy!


Pada tulisan ini Saya akan melakukan analisis data eksplorasi kumpulan data IMDb, yang dapat ditemukan disini — Kumpulan data ini terdiri dari acara TV dan film yang tersedia di IMDb sampai tahun 2019. Tulisan ini bertujuan untuk memberikan insight tentang dataset IMDb melalui visualisasi yang dibuat dengan package ggplot2 pada R.

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) adalah sebuah basis data daring informasi yang berkaitan dengan film, acara televisi, video rumahan, dan permainan video, dan acara internet, serta ulasan serta penilaian oleh penggemar (Source: Wikipedia).

Bagaimana dengan Exploratory Data Analysis?

EDA adalah langkah dalam proses analisis data digunakan…

Can we really do something to plan for the future of transportation by utilizing Big Data?

Capturing human mobility patterns is essential for understanding human behaviors and plays a critical role in urban planning, transportation, and related fields. Having data-supported insights on segments that are underserved by both public and private transport services can, therefore, help city planners and policymakers develop an integrated transport system. Geospatial data on social media like Twitter can be used to determine the spatial information (location) at different temporal (daily to periodic) and spatial (local land use scales) in real-time.

This research explores the extent…


Transportation becomes a basic element of infrastructure that influences urban development patterns. The problem of transportation and its derivative impacts is predicted to be an acute problem especially in developing countries, where city populations are growing rapidly and the demand for motor vehicles is increasing sharply (World Bank, 1977). To prevent the rapid growth of motorized vehicles, the government needs to develop a comprehensive transportation policy. The provision of various modes of public transportation by the government is an effort to reduce congestion and reduce the use of private transportation. DKI Jakarta is one of the provinces implementing physical…

Aulia Muthia

Data Analyst

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